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Do you know the value of your business?

Whether you plan to sell your company now or in the future, knowing the value of your business is the first step in the sales process.

At Best Exit, we provide you with an opinion of value (OV) based on your past financial performance that sets the foundation for the fair market value of your business. Click on the link below to learn more about our valuation process and use our free tool to find out what your company is worth on the market today:

Making your business transferrable and achieving a premium price on the market is the most important goal when exiting a business.

Selling a business is a lifetime event and sets the foundation for a worry free retirement. However, most company owners underestimate the importance of planning their exit ahead of time. Don’t be one of them! Having a carefully designed exit strategy in place is your guarantee to get the best possible price for your business.

When crafting an effective exit master plan, it’s beneficial to have a professional consultant by your side who takes care of all the necessary steps.

At Best Exit, we don’t just offer a plan – we help you to execute it. Whether in person, by phone, or online, personal consulting & coaching adds an additional layer of success to the process of selling your business.

Find out more about Consulting & Coaching here or click the link below to talk to one of our Best Exit specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

do I really need an exit plan?

Most people plan ahead in their personal life by investing in a life insurance, a retirement plan, an estate plan, etc.

Planning ahead in business is even more important. After building your company for years, your exit plan provides you with a maximum return on your “blood, sweat and tears” and makes sure your legacy continues.

When is a good time to start exit planning?

Ideally, before you start your business.

In most cases, at least one years or longer before selling your company is a good time to start planning your exit. It depends on every particular situation whether it can be done faster or it will take longer.

what companies does BEST EXIT work with?

Companies with a revenue between 1M and 50MM.

How do i find my company's value?

Proper financials, customer concentration, internal processes, and legal affairs are just a few key factors in determining your company’s value.

A proper business valuation is a complex and extensive process that is best achieved with the help of a professional.

Contact us to find out how you could benefit from working with BEST EXIT.

How do I start the exit process?

There are different steps in the exit planning process from valuing your company to creating an exit strategy to putting processes in place that will increase your company’s value.

To get started, use our Free Interactive Valuation Calculator and find out how your company compares on the market today.



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